Ryan Martin's Azon Annihilation?

It's very hard to find authentic reviews online anymore so I was wondering if anyone has read Ryan Martin's Azon Annihilation ebook on affiliate marketing? If so, what did you think of it? Is it relevant/current with modern web marketing? Do you have any other suggestions for good reading material on the subject? I'm getting into online marketing and have set a goal of establishing a few sites and having them up and running (and profitable) by Christmas time so I am gathering information. Thank you for your kind answers. I appreciate it.

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I had a copy of the PDF and just glanced through it, it's 86 pages, with a bunch of links to online videos, seems pretty comprehensive, I didn't see any super advanced strategies, uses wordpress and a plugin to bring in the Amazon catalog feeds. Discuses a few different traffic sources, including Facebook.

Making money on the internet is far from a sure thing, there are countless competing Amazon 'stores' out there, I would really make an effort to have something unique, grouping items under some unique theme.

Here's an example of taking a different approach (found him on a ad space rental directory)

Just ran across this alternative renting ad space also

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Hey Freddy, I actually purchased the program cause I myself have been trying to get into affiliate marketing. I bought it for $9.97 and it did have quite a bit of up sells right after. I didn't buy any of the following and try to learn from what I purchased.

It wasn't as easy as I thought, since I had no idea on anything about online business. Until now I still get emails on stuff they're trying to sell me. I didn't go through the whole thing but, it might work for some people that'll have more experience I think. It just wasn't for me.

I did manage to stumble to something else that teaches me everything I need to know about affiliate marketing. Not a get rich scheme or anything like that, it's actually a community where you learn how to grow an online business and learn from experienced IM.

If you ever want to check it out, here's my website I learned how to do myself from this program. Never thought I would be able to build one but, I did. This is just the beginning stages. hope this helps. This is honest info and real people. Like I mentioned it's not a get rich scheme or a spam. good luck with your IM success.

by June - 1 month ago