What was your strategy for good traffic.?

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You have probably heard this line by now 'content is king'. No matter what your SEO strategy is, but your contents have to be of good quality.

Don't try to do bulk submissions just for links. If you submit contents in sites which doesn't have any value, your links also won't get any value. Post your contents only where it matters.

Add social medias into your strategy. Post your contents in all the popular social media sites for quality traffic.

Create a domain blog if you already don't have one. Post quality contents in your domain blog and then promote the blog in different sites.

10 months ago

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It's simple really - good keyword research + good link building + fantastic content. Get all these together and you really can't go too far wrong!

The most important rung in the ladder is definitely content. It is so important that I would call it "all-important".


by Mary - 10 months ago

Strategies for good traffic are:
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Networking
Question answer sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers
Comment marketing

by Kavita - 10 months ago

Social Media Marketing and Guest Posting/Blogging are good strategies to gain good traffic.


by Melissa - 10 months ago