what is publicity consultant?

what is publicity consultant

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Publicity consultants are engaged in promoting or creating an intended public image for individuals, groups, or organizations.
Job responsibilities of a Publicity Consultant are to

Respond to requests for information from the media or designate an appropriate spokesperson or information source.

Arrange public appearances, lectures, contests, or exhibits for clients to increase product or service awareness or to promote goodwill.

Confer with other managers to identify trends or key group interests or concerns or to provide advice on business decisions.

Prepare or edit organizational publications for internal and external audiences, including employee newsletters and stockholders' reports.

Confer with production or support personnel to produce or coordinate production of advertisements or promotions.

Establish or maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, or public interest groups.

Study the objectives, promotional policies, or needs of organizations to develop public relations strategies that will influence public opinion or promote ideas, products, or services.

Consult with advertising agencies or staff to arrange promotional campaigns in all types of media for products, organizations, or individuals.

Plan or direct development or communication of informational programs to maintain favorable public or stockholder perceptions of an organization's accomplishments or agenda.

Coach client representatives in effective communication with the public or with employees.
Prepare or deliver speeches to further public relations objectives.

Plan or conduct market or public opinion research to test products or determine potential for product success, communicating results to client or management.

Purchase advertising space or time as required to promote client's product or agenda.

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