I don't understand. What's the use of backlinks?

I know how to optimize keywords but I don't know how to backlink and it's use? Can someone explain it to me in an easy way to understand? thanks

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In the eyes of the search engines each backlink to your site is a vote for your site. The more quality links you have to your site, the more google and other search engines look at your site as an authority and push it higher in the search results.

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Search engines count links from other sites as popularity votes, although a larger variety of signals are now used to establish a site's ranking, backlinks are still one of the essentials.
Google policy states something like "Any links created for the purpose of search rank manipulation are a violation" non the less, building backlinks is a very common practice, as suspicious link detection methods improve, it's becoming more important to avoid getting low quality links, like link exchanges with unrelated sites or bulk buy computer generated spam links, some backlinks are 100X more valuable than others. A general rule, the easier a link is to get, the less valuable it is.

You can check te backlink count of the competition with tools like

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