I new to this site.? Help?

I just signed up for a yahoo account about an hour ago. What are the points for? What can you do with them. I know you there points for answering questions but what are they for?

10 months ago - 5 answers

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As you develop a track record and earn points you are allowed to post more questions or answers in a single day. Importantly for some, reaching level2? enables live blue underlined clickable links for any URLs you paste in. (These are 'no follow' links so they don't provide any significant SEO benefit)

10 months ago

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To ask questions

by Dale - 10 months ago

They're worthless. I might also suggest you read the rules in here before you post.

by DrDave - 10 months ago

one time enter you get 100 points.
at stage 1 it starts from 1-249 points and ask 5 questions . more than 5 questions asked will be deducted from your account

and second stage it goes to 250-999 points and ask 10 questions.

by jack smith - 10 months ago

Points aren't good for redemption for anything. It's purely bragging rights for people who care about that.

by Judy - 10 months ago