Best method of making a website?

I want to make a small website for my Djing services, I would like to have several webpages on this site for Galleries, FAQ, and stuff like that. My budget will hopefully stay around 10$ a month. I have very limited programming knowledge, but my partner knows the basics. What host services should I look into for my site? Please help! Thanks!

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A free blog host might do, they require essentially no programming, Google's is truly free with no paid upgrades, like many of the other so called free hosts have. Their proprietary blog platform is a bit more basic than others.

To get a feel for blogger sites you might try this Google search, intitle:dj

Your programmer friend might help you setup a custom domain name you can get elsewhere for about $12 a year, and are popular. This allows you to change hosts at a later date while maintaining some continuity a free name won't provide.

You can learn the industry standard blog platform in the free hosted version, there are fees for adding a domain name, etc. Some 17% of the top 1 Million sites use wordpress, the large number of paid and free themes and plugins allow you to create a site that doesn't look like a blog.

Most of what you create and learn on could be applied to a paid hosted site using the unrestricted open source version of wordpress, typically such a host including a domain name costs $8/mo

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