What do you feel about my website? It took me 7 years to do it and what do you feel about it? How can i improve? ill give you a 5 star best answer

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The site looks pretty solid, but i do have some points for you to look at.

The logo should be a little sharper i think. it is little rough around the edges.

The social buttons in the header have a black background. Open them in photoshop and select the black background. then delete it and save as png. I wil look much better.

Red text on your site most of the time not the best way. it does get attention but not always the attention you are looking for as people get the feeling they should not click that as red stands for stop. Try another color, you ctr you improve.

Try to use your own email addresses and not free ones like hotmail. If you have no choice but to use a free one than for with gmail. You can ask your host to help with the setup of the email on your domain.

Try to see if you can add paypal to list of payment processors. They have a lot of people using it and you get your money instantly.

10 months ago

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that is awesome! I could never make a website like that. ive tried and the results are terrible. Maybe I will buy something from your website! :) but i dont think it needs improvement, i think your all done

by peytonfilm - 10 months ago