EBay bidding question?

Ok,I have to use a senario.

Lets say that you find something on ebay, like a book. you see that someone already bidded on the book, and its at $5 now. (I wouldnt know it, but lets say he bids max $7) I bid, and put my max bid at $10.
Now auction ends. Now, would I end up paying my max bid, or would I pay the $8 that came after the other persons bid?

I hope the way I explained it wasn't too confusing.

I'm just wondering if you are expected to pay the extra money between the top bid and your max bid. Or if you just pay top bid

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You would pay $8.00, or one increment over the previous maximum bid. Your $10. bid was what you would have paid if the $7. bidder went that high. If the other guy bid $10.01 you would have lost unless you outbid him before the auction ended.

10 months ago