How do i remove the search engine torch?

pls help
how do i remove torch search engine
i uploaded java and then pop came the torch search engine thingy
do please tell me how to remove this stupid thong
also when ever i go to google i cant find web store or anything
i am seriously worried
please help me
i beg you
i am in tention

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Well what you could do is go to your control panel (press the windows start button in the left bottom corner and hit "control panel" on the right), click "uninstall a program", search for "torch search engine", right click and hit uninstall. Just follow the steps after and it should be gone when you open google. if it is not gone simply restart your computer.

Hope this helps :)


11 months ago

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I agree with the other answer. You can try the procedure they mentioned and see if it works.
Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

by Hal Smith - 11 months ago