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    How do I manage to brand myself and my businesses?

    Hello, Yahoo Answers Community Okay so I'm currently a Model/Actress/Host(parties...etc) In a few Popular Music Videos, Runway Shows and Publications I want to own an Upscale Salon and Spa Chain As Well As my own Bakery called Delicious TrEats and starting my own company to help out other business owners which all depends on my success So how should I Roadmap this out when Branding these type of Avenue 1. Model/Actress and sell posters and t-shirts on my site but nothing else? 2. Model/Act Sell Posters, Calendars, T-shirts...etc. via Spreadshirt and My delicious TrEats Bakery which would be created by me and my mom (used as a way for us to bond) While use my sexual look as a well to sell my food on my site? 3. All of 2 and then market my great salon/spa/boutique idea? Since I dress Unique, Sexy and Classy. I really want to take advantage of my Success and have a second side hustle to talk to people about in interviews and what not I know I'm only 22 with a degree in business marketing and cosmetology but I still need some sort of advice on what I should do, its always good to hear other peoples opinion on this matter So Any Advice???? Ps: I don't have a Manager or Branding Rep, but I'm very much so considering it
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    If you haven't yet done one then prepare a business plan - that will outline your target market, your products/services for that market, expected income, and give you an idea of what you need to invest in marketing. Then you can build a brand around that. Maybe you need to consider working in the industry you want to run your own business in, that way you will get experience of the market (shop/spa), know what customers expect and be far better placed to brand your own business when you launch. Its better to run the two business separate as they are two different markets, and maybe get one established and profitable before trying to run the other business.
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    • Of course getting exposure in the media is what counts, sorry I don't think model looks and Bakery goods are a great match, if you are a big enough name you could make any venture profitable but I would remain focused on the branding for a while. Establishing a Youtube channel with regular new posts can be very powerful, perhaps you could model some new fashion each time, or do some sort of review series. This lady got a Million views of her original iPad review, there's some advertising revenue to earn from Google for high traffic videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/ijustinereviews Of course a Facebook (Fan) page is essential, your free to be more commercial on a business page that's separate from your personal profile, you can log into Facebook under that page name so any posts on groups, etc link back to it.

      by Jake - 5 hours ago

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