Is it legal to advertise one more expensive product but fill it with another cheaper one?

Price for and show ghiredelli chocolate bottle but fill it with hershey syrup, or use Aldi's or sam's club coffee when it's suppost to be the resteraunt's own brand coffee...

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on the chocolate one you have just described advertising fraud it happens all the time and is very illegal

on the coffee one it is legal to brand a generic item with your store name because you can argue that you brew the coffee in a way that makes it unique in to your store some way becuse you changed of added something. but it would be still fraud if you sold the generic beans as Starbucks branded beans.

another example that would be legal is if you took Kraft bbq sauce and mixed it with Kraft hot sauce and re-bottled and labeled it with your brand and sold it as your unique brand.

so basically it breaks down like this

change it and Make it your brand = Legal

make one product a different brand name product that you don't own = illegal

11 months ago

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Emergency replacement items for restaurants would be fine, they're not guaranteeing that they're doing their own brand.

If you mean buying it at the STORE and it's not the right one, that's called bait and switch and is illegal.

by Elaine M - 11 months ago

Yes! That is called, "bait and switch". It is illegal, and very deceptive.


by Jeanette - 11 months ago