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    how to make my blog http://harapan-mulya-5.blogspot.com/ appear on google search engine?

    i just make a new blog http://harapan-mulya-5.blogspot.com/ , but when i search it on google, it won't appear, so guys can you help me to find the way to make it at least show on google or another famous search engine like bing, yahoo etc.
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    Google knows your home page, try searching: site:harapan-mulya-5.blogspot.com/ this shows all pages that have been indexed. You need links from other sites to improve your search ranking, just having a few of these links from other, already indexed sites is sufficient for the search engines to discover your site through these links. Each search engine has an index submission form but it seems unnecessary, registering your site with Google Webmaster Tools allows you to submit a site map which can help indexing, although it probably is only important for 1000+ page sites.
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    • Hello, When we create a new website or blog then it takes some time to index and cache. So you have to wait for indexing of your blog. You can it with the help of "Site" command. If this is your old blog then you need to work for back links. Means try to rank your blog with the help of targeted keywords. for this you have to do some amount of submission. Hope this will be useful for you.

      by SynapseIndia - 2 hours ago

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