Best post panda/penguin website promotion techniques?

With panda and penguin updates blowing traditional SEO and website promotion apart, what IS safe for SEO in 2013? What are considered quality links and what should be avoided?

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I think this is a very good question as with recent penguin and panda updates the entire SEO playing field has changed.... things that would push you up the rankings before may now push you down, like automated submissions and spam blog comments etc.

Ez Website Promotion have a good article that addresses the latest changes for 2013

Hope this helps :)


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Yes.Google wants a professional and serious web.There is no room for amateurs , and easy money makers.Even a small business with good content or service will be rewarded.Search Engines are now tracking real popularity via Social Networks , Bounce rate etc...SEO is still important but branding is even more..Links from variety of sources from related niche's big players will help.


by hs_jha - 11 months ago