How to make a Classified Ads Site?

I'm a college undergraduate of IT with some basic knowledge in programming like html,css,javascript, and so on. I would like to make a Classified Ads Site here in my country, which can buy and sell products and free posting and so on which could help my country men/women to look for the things that they need as fast as possible by using the internet as their gateway, but my problem is i dont know where/how to start? Should i have a website first/buy my own domain? What programming knowledge should i focus?

This might be stupid to ask but well my country needs this for easy access to any products and services....

Any idea will highly appreciated ;)

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Steps ..

1.Buy a domain name from sellers like or
2.Buy space from hosting providers like or
3.Hire a php/ programmer or if you can program in these languages do it yourself.
4.You may need some money and time on advertising.Think abt some unique ideas of advertising if you are low on cash

Despite all these efforts you need luck and good features/reputation to attract people to post ads on your site.If a big classified site is already operating in your country get ready for your tough time to establish your's.That's business...


11 months ago

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by Carlos - 11 months ago

You can buy a ready-made site script for not much money, there would still be a lot of tailoring work to be done but it can be a real time saver.

Try a web search for "Classified ad site script"

or "Craigslist clone script"

by Jake - 11 months ago