How can I get on my affiliate grind without faltering?

Being a teen, I have energy to do anything and choose to start here. I could never write a blog and update DAILY if it were about yorkies or fedoras because it doesn't interest me. But making money does interest me, my problem is I don't like SEO and am afraid to pay my $1500 budget.

I think I know well enough what I'm doing, I just have to start but something is keeping me away and making me procrastinate. I'm interested but I guess something is wrong here.

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Some of the more forthright gurus will tell you that most people who try internet marketing fail. Many of the big players do it with paid traffic, certainly there's a bigger financial risk during the prospecting phase.

If there are subjects you are interested, that you could write 2 full articles a week for it still may be worth trying an SEO site. One of the more solid internet investments that can accelerate the process is to but a site that already has established earnings, the going rate seems to be 8 - 15 times the monthly revenue, you might find a fixer upper with potential that you can quickly scale up. Checkout flippa or a domain name auction...

11 months ago