Is there a way to waive the Tate Publishing fee?

I've just been offered a contract from Tate Publishing LLC to publish my book. I am over the moon with excitement! However, they are asking for $4000 to do so. The money seems like a collateral, with them holding it for you until you have proven your value, whereas they promise to return the money upon the sale of the 1000th copy of your work. My family has just suffered a major financial tragedy, and there is no way in hell we could come up with that sum. We are doing good just to feed our kids right now. Does anyone know if there is a way to have that fee waived before I accept/decline the offer? I've been trying to get my work published for a couple of years now, as it is my passion, and I'm more than a little disappointed by this. Can anyone help me out?

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I'm sorry to tell you this but Tate Publishing is not a real publisher. It's a scam and no bookshop will want your book if you publish with what is known as a vanity publisher.
Every real writers group in America has them on their black-list; meaning they warn their members to stay away from Dr. Tate and his not so christian vanity publishing house.
Tate Publishing is listed on Writer Beware's list of the worst "publishers"
Tate Publishing will accept anybody's book because their business model is not really about selling books but about scamming wanna be authors by charging them $4000
REAL publishers NEVER EVER ask for money. REAL writing is a JOB not a vanity thing you pay money for.
Real authors GET paid you don't pay. .
.A real publisher gets paid when you books start selling and then they send you your percentage of the sales period. There are no exceptions. Anyone asking for money is a scam.
No there is no way to get around the fee because that's how they earn their money not through selling books but through taking YOUR money. That's why you'll never sell 1000 books with Tate so you would never get your money back that's the scam.

Don't feel bad or be disheartened though. There are more publishers looking for good books than ever before and while agents for the biggest six publishers in the world are somewhat hard to get there are lots of small publishers looking for books that you don't have to have an agent to submit to.

Only problem for me helping you is that you didn't say if your book is fiction or non fiction.
I know a lot of small publishers looking for fiction (made up stories) that you can submit to without an agent.
This publisher might be perfect for you. or try this
If your book is not fiction one publisher I know who you can submit to unagented that publish both fiction and non fiction is
Here is another


These are real publishers will do everything to produce your book and won't charge you a penny but will send your money when your book sells copies.
Read these complaints about Tate Publishing. They do not care about producing or selling books, they are not a real publisher. What they care about is bleeding money from people that want to be published that is their focus.

Believe me any publisher that tells you that you need to "invest" or you need to pay anything is a joke, scam vanity publisher and in no way equates with real publishing.

Real publishers don't accept all books sent to them though so you may have some rejections but keep working on improving your writing and keep submitting to real non charging publishers and don't lose heart.
I am sorry they used this dirty trick of pretending to you that you'd been chosen for a contract and then demanding money but that is what they do and yes I know they pretend to be Chrstians when they are scammers. Psychopaths easily say they are Christians to scam because they have no moral compass.
Bookstores and a lot of people know that no real publisher asks for money but the massive scamming vanity publishing industry is certainly confusing a lot of other people

Even if no one wants to publish your book you can do it for FREE yourself on Smashwords which would be the same reputation wise as publishing with a scam vanity pub in fact it would be MORE respected by anyone who knows about the publishing industry. And you get most of the royalties with Smashwords and they distribute book for you to online stores all over the internet.

All the publishers who have google ads on websites are scams. Real publishers don't need to advertise like that you have to search for them and ignore the google ads on your searchs and on websites.


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