Affiliate website help?

So i am very new to affiliated marketing, but would like to get started. I have the basic idea, but am slightly confused on the website aspect of things. Should I create a website for a specific product, certain category of products, or one blog for everything? I am just confused about this, and any other tips would be greatly appreciated!!!! thanks!

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If you intend to get "free" traffic from search engines it's best to stick to a specific theme, so you can appear to be an authority in the particular niche. The typical $8 'unlimited' shared hosting account allows you to add as many domain names and separate sites as you care to, for an addition $12/yr each for the domain names.

The majority of people who venture into affiliate marketing fail, don't invest your rent money. I just ran across this Amazon affiliate site that took a Pinterest like approach: it has a specific theme but not a particular subject matter.

11 months ago