I have an Etsy account. I am trying to boost my sales. How do I get publicity?

I have had my online Etsy account for the past two years. I sell handmade crocheted items.
I want to boost my sales and try to get seen more online. I really need useful tips that I can actually follow that will help me to really take off. :) THANKS SO MUCH! I look forward to the tips.


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Hello Brianna, what you're asking about is called internet marketing. Internet marketing (SEO) means getting your website on google when people search something like"handmade crocheted items usa" on google. You'll end up with more sales because of internet marketing. 1.17 Billion People use google, so you can probably understand why its such a big industry. I'd love to help you out with that Brianna, just email me,

13 months ago