Is a legit bidding website or is it a scam?

The commercial to beezid looks cheesy, and too good to be true. Can someone tell me if the website is safe to use to put your personnel information into the website to bid. I don't wanna get scammed.

13 months ago - 2 answers

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You are okay with beezid. They are one of the safe ones. If you are new there and have questions, go to their facebook page. It's the best way to get informed and you can speak to the other bidders there. People are pretty friendly there and will help you out. It's much better than asking on here to be honest.

If you are new to bidding, I would recommend going in there and asking for advice on how to get started.

Hope that helps.


13 months ago

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I think it's a scam'!!

by Francesca - 13 months ago