what listing in the yellow pages do i look under?

i have a lot of unnecessary JUNK. since i am doing intense spring cleaning, i wanted to know does anyone know where in the yellow pages under what listings can i look up to sell my unwanted old dishes, my tape cassettes, my cds & dvds, my old clothes, my costume jewelry, my old books, shoes, handbags, ceramics & a cd player/tape deck am fm radio combination. i do not know under what listings, that is why i inquire. i called a consignment shop but they did not offer what i was looking for. they wanted to take major personal info, put my merchandise in a thrift store, & if my merchandise was not sold or auctioned off, i would miss out & loose any profit i could have possibly made elsewise. i went to an antique shop, but they were a scam & said the things i had they weren´t what they were looking for=it was just false advertisement to relinquish my personal info. then i went to a pawn shop but i could not sell them my items because it was not gold. so i thought i would look in the local paper, the classifieds, no luck there either :( . then i thought, okay, my last resort, to look in the phone book. but i did not know what to look under. i was thinking maybe i could sell my stuff to a thrift shop? but since they are lowly budgeted items, i thougt maybe they would only take donations and they would not be willing to buy anything from a consumer?? i am not sure on that. but if i could sell my items to a thrift store, they do not have one near by me. i thought maybe a garage or tag sale would be the ultimate answer for this all? but if i am correct, you have to get a licensed permit to even set up the garage or tag sale, and if that is true do not know if i would be willing to pay for a permit for 2 or 3 days - would think that would be very costly? so, i am left to ask the yahoo answers community, and hoping that someone out there has a good idea or better strategy plan than i have now @ the moment. thank you.

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No, you dont have to have a license in the US to sell your wares at a private garage sale.

You wont do much better on Ebay, but it is a valid platform to sell used goods. Expect pennies on the dollar.

Yard/Garage sale with your neighbors seems to be the best, as you get not only YOUR junk, but theirs too, and that gives potential customers the best selection, and you the biggest liklihood of moving some of your unwanted goods.

Now----- if you dont care about the cash--- here's the best idea of all...

IF----IF-- you itemize on your taxes----- give the whole kit-and-kaboodle to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Make a COMPLETE list of what you are giving away for your tax records, and deduct the residual value of your donation of your Federal income taxes...


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