SEO - Optimal Page length is about 900 words I have been told...?

BUT I want to add a history section to my travel site. This is about 4600 and full of facts and details. It is very organic and not written for SEO purposes but it adds content and flavor. Is this bad for my site SEO wise?

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500+ words for articles or pages is optimal for SEO purposes. You can never have too much though.

A good friend of mine hosts an online radio show and has each one transcribed (and hours worth of conversation) and posted onto a blog post. These range from 2000-3000 words in length and are apparently doing REALLY well on Google rankings.

Google's algorithm is looking for more high quality content these days rather than those who can "trick their engine"

I think you're on the right track :)

13 months ago

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You should be fine,

Just make sure to spread some content across your site. Also start a blog, that will help tremendously

by SmartUp - 13 months ago