How do I know if my SEO guy is doing the right thing?

I have build a site and I want to promote it so I went to freelancer to find a SEO guy, but how do I know that he did everything right "white hat links" and not "black hat links"

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You have to know better yourself the seo technique first. You have to aware about the Google updates. Different tools that identify the link status that also you need to know better.

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Good to listen here, about SEO I would like to suggest few things before starting the questions.

First of all you can't recognize while checking your all SEO backlinks its black hat or white hat.

In market peoples are using different type of software like, AMR, bookmarking Demon, etc. So I would like to recommend Please take a natural Links from your SEO Guy like 10, backlinks for articles, few bookmarking, few press release, whatever your needs, don't accept 100,200 Back links in a day, that's black hat techniques, start work with only 10 to 15 backlinks on daily base, suppose today u have submitted 100 backlinks, tomorrow not posted any back links, so Google will catch something goes wrong with your site.

So always try to get natural Back links from your SEO Guy, ask him to update on daily base with 15 to 20 backlinks on daily base if possible.

Check quality of backlinks, Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, if you have looking to know more about SEO just read, you will let you know yourself. Because there is huge community with 1000 professional expert.


by Tarun - 1 year ago

You know this when your website is getting higher in ranking. See its Alexa and Google rank.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

by Hal Smith - 1 year ago

You should have a little bit knowledge about SEO and search engine guidelines. Checkout the all reports and links carefully that have been created by that guy for your site. Keep eye on the websites he used for backlinks and site promotion, all sites should be relevant and high PR. Just make sure he is using only fresh and original content for on-page and off-page site optimization.


by Daniel - 1 year ago

If he carried out Black Hat links your site will probably be penalised within the next few weeks and you will loose your rankings. That's a hard way to find out.

But like with any trade do not hire a person to do a job unless you have carried out some common sense checks first:
- ask who his past customers are and contact them for references
- ask what keywords he himself ranks for (and check!)
- search him on the internet for any mentions - good or bad
- learn a but about SEO (just a bit) so you can ask him questions and consider his answers.
- be aware that links are a very small part of SEO

Have a look at the following page to understand the differences between Black Hat and White Hat SEO better.


by Doodled - 1 year ago

Seoprofiler is a web based software which can help you to resolve this kind of problems.

by Ellsworth - 1 year ago

Hi Dear,
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by Syed - 1 year ago

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by Mario - 1 year ago

You can check SERP or check with Google Web master tool where you can get whole information regarding the SEO..


by Gary - 1 year ago