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    how do you send an affiliate url to a solo ad seller?

    i'm a newbie,and i need to know how to send affiliate url to solo ad sellers,and do they have to be click able links if so,how do you do that?
    a year ago 2 Answers

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    You would want to first find the right person to send your solo add so that the audience that receives your message is targeted for the product that you are promoting. Check out http;//www.soloaddirectory.com there are a lot of good people to choose from. Then you will want to type the message you want to send, there are plenty of good examples on that same site. As you asked, how to include a clickable link in message - for this you would just want to include the following <a href="http://www.yourwebsiteurl.com">What You Want Clickable link to say</a> so if my website was www.createawebsite.com and my keyword was "Create a website" I would use <a href="http://www.createawebsite.com">Create a website</a> Hope that helps
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    Other Answers

    • Solo ads don't really work that way. You need to compose an entire email that matches the audience of your solo ad list. Once you have drafted your email, enclosing the link (whether it's an affiliate link or not) is simple. In most emails these days, HTML is supported, and you can simply enter your affiliate link directly in the body of the text. If you want to mask that it is an affiliate link or use more effective "anchor text", then you can use the technique described in Justin's answer above. For your solo ads to be effective, you need understand 2 key points: (1) most quality vendors have built a relationship with their readers, so their "recommendations" are more valued than cold selling online. Even though your solo ad is not necessarily recommended by the solo ad vendor, you can write your email ad so it appears that way. (2) You can get very targeted solo ad lists. The way to do that is to go to Google and enter the keywords "<your niche> solo ads". For example, if you are selling a course or service on dog training, you might search on "dog training solo ads". The overall effectiveness of your solo ad is based on sending a quality ad to a quality list. You can get more information on how to do this ... and how to re-coup your investment or even make a profit on every solo ad you place ... at this website: http://autopilot101.com/soloads/index.htm

      by Bryan - 5 hours ago

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