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    What is the best way to increase daily more traffic on my new forum?

    plz provide me what is the best way to increase my forum traffic?? I have created new Latest telecome & internet tricks tips discussion forum http://techkingvn.com any body tell me how to grow traffic???
    a few seconds ago 1 Answer

    Best Answer

    it will grow slowly, but those rules of your, are just too lame, and bossy kinda... get rid of those rules and trim them to a low as possible. Create an offensive corner, where ppl can talk and break thses rules of yours as they wish. Let ppl post offensive or anything as they wish in that cornor. Advertise your forum with other forums or on facebook. Create a fb page, and request ppl to join. btw whats the use of joining the forums if each time I comment or post a "post" theres a silent fear of weather I am posting something wrong or right. also the same stuff thats oing to be posted on your forums is available thru google search, than why should I be on your forums instead. Exactly, thats what ppl think before signing up. And looking at those rules, I just run away. ppl want freedom, heated topics, and no need for permissions to talk on heated r offensive topics. Good Luck. I made a site, and its a major failure becaues I failed to check on what users require, and was just concentrating what I needed. site http://axe09.byethost14.com/ EDIT: Your black theme is cool, but it gives a dark weird feeling that the world is on its way to end. Let ppl choose what theme they want, also request ppl to use black theme as it saves power, as in http://blackle.com/
    2 years ago

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