What can be done about this hosting company?

I paid for website hosting from a company I used in the past. The only reason I left is they didn't at the time provide sql DB. What drew me back to them is they have cheaper domain prices and hosting prices but offered 1 dedicated ip for seo purpose for all their plans. These are the 3 reason I signed up. The dedicated ip was the selling point for me.

But when I get into the system it says my domain isn't on a dedicated ip yet and if I wanted a dedicated ip I would have to pay a monthly fee. So I contacted billing and of course coming out of another country for billing they flat out told me that it was just for marketing purposes only.

I know there is something wrong with this because if I did this type of tactic with my work at home hub FTC would shut my site down.

So what should I do?
Thank You for the answers. I didn't want to put the company up here at first but then one of the answer suggested I go with the company that pulled this crap.

IXwebhosting is the one who is doing this. They didn't use to be this bad. When all their hosting, billing, and support was in the US now they outsource to Ukrainiumless and they pick and choose if they want to help you anymore.

I haven't called the HQ in Ohio on this yet. I went ahead and filed a complaint with the FTC.

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Hi nanu, this is some sort of cheap Marketing which many small and mid Hosting company makes.
If you need a good hosting at best cheap prices you can contact . I too took my Hosting from him. and till date faced no problem at all. their packages are also very cheap, around 10 GB shared at only 25$ per year

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