I need to start a website...?

I need to create a simple one page website with no graphics or anything too complicated. It's just something basic with information but I have no idea how or where to begin. I have some money saved up to pay someone but don't know anyone. Can I do it myself or is there a site I can get help?

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try go daddy and work on a subscription for a few days and see what it has to offer and maybe there you will find what your entrusted in and or get a link to a domain that will work best for you . Google has some domains and require subscriptions and then you can send invites to visit your page. Stay out of the personal and adult industries to create a domain page for your self all the has is a server that requires others to subscribe and then get millions of spam messages and are bad sights to join and less you are one of there kind. there kind is they really don't know what there doing when they join a sight that is garbage,

13 months ago

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Since you don't have much knowledge in this why not use a free website builder. Just search Google and you will find plenty. These sites offer you everything you want like tools to build your site. just like you edit or messing with your Facebook profile. Also some of these sites let you use your own domain name too if you want.

by Ron - 13 months ago