i am new in blogging, plz help!?

i wanna add content to my blog, my blog is
plz check out my blog and tell me is my blog ready for adsense? if not so plz plz plz help me in making blog. i have no knowledge about making blog. in yahoo answers,there will be much more experts, webmasters,blogmasters. plz teachers,helpme...
my email id is:
plz teachers, teach me...

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You say you want to add content but why you haven't add any? So I guess you already know the answer to your question about if your blog is ready for AdSense. If you have no idea about blogging then first learn about blogging. Forget AdSense. They have strict rules and they don't offer second chances.

First make a blog about something you have interest or something you do. Then keep adding content to in for month or 2, a post per everyday. Join webmaster forums and ask question and learn about blogging. also you need to add lots of content. Each post at least have 400 - 500 words. then you need to build back links to your blog. when you start getting traffic from Google and Bing search then apply for AdSense.

This is not something you can jump in and get rich. You have to learn and then start working hard. you will need to work on your blogs at least 2-3 hours per day. Also in AdSense Some keywords pay more and some keywords pay less. If you don't know any of these then time to start learning these things. use Google search and find articles. Join webmaster forums and read topics and ask questions.

You have a long way to go before apply for AdSense.

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