SEO, subdomains vs domain extensions?

If I own, is it best to have a page that states or In terms of SEO, does it matter? If so, which is better?

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Hiii Mitsy will get higher in seo with a claim that newpage is page or category or a topic

but subdomain will be considered as a sub site of and will get domain rankings separated from as it be considered as a separate site from abc

that means if you are using a sub domain, the sub domain should be different topic from what your main site is about. Else the search results will be all jumbled up

although the path to the subdomain will still be the same and it just matter to how link subdomain,
you can check its effects on yahoo answers is rarely shown up in google compared to

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Subdomains this denotes that the hosting is temporary or shared.
Domain extensions this denotes that internal page of website.
In terms of seo domain extension is better than subdomains

by David - 1 year ago