How to get traffic/views to my blog?


I was wondering how i could get views/traffic on my blog, its is and also i have a website called Mac Hut which can be found at

I really need some ideas and help on how i can improve my traffic rates, i have tried doing seo myself however i am finding i hard as there is a lot of competition and getting professionals isn't currently financially possible.

A little bit of information about my websites. World O' Apple (my blog) is basically a blog all about Apple, where i have tried advertising my websites, which is where i sell cheap Apple Macs, iPads and more accessories including Monster beats and Apple accessories for Macs and iDevices.

It would really help if you could help me if you could help me and give me some tips.


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Hi the cheapest ways are to sign up for twitter and follow people with similar interests then when they follow you back you can then tweet and ask them to view your site. You can also do the same on facebook. Also you can go to a website called fiverr and get traffic for $5.

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There are many great free advertising and socializing sites on the web. I am a member of what I consider to be some of the best. I just don't have enough points accumulated yet to be able to post any links. Check back with me later.


by Cecelia - 1 year ago

First question, Have you done your keyword research? Second, if there is a lot of competition then you will have more work to do. Article marketing is the first step. Write about topics centered on your website and its pages. In the resources box have a link to your website. Now have some videos, done. Post them on youtube. Create a Fan page on FaceBook, Create a Business Page on Twitter. All of these places post unique items related to your website. In all of them have links going back to your website. Do not think that it will be easy, or that it will happen overnight. With constant effort you will see results.

by Ralph Giove - 1 year ago

So you have a blog then you must be good in writing blogs and article. Why don't you write some articles and blog. Submit them to article directory and blog directory. You are already doing the hardest part(writing article, blogs least for me it is very hard :) ). Don't submit the same articles and blogs to every article and blog directory. The content must be unique. You can also use article spinner. Try to use social media. Join some FB groups and post the links of the blogs in FB group. You can also use classified sites for selling your stuffs.

by Prince11 - 1 year ago

Getting good traffic and more views rely on how you optimize your site. Learn some SEO techniques so that you'll see some good results at the end of the day. SEO is a huge umbrella wherein you can do some marketing of social media, blogging, and some email marketing that you can do in order to gain better traffic and be visible online.

by Jenna - 1 year ago

Try creating an e magazine that show cases Apple products. Search local vendor's fan pages on social media sites and see what kind of deals they are offering. You can link those to your site. Create product reviews on and off site and maybe put the amazon link of that product.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

by Hal Smith - 1 year ago

you must have quality contents which will attract visitors.Optimize your site properly.You will get good amount of traffic.

by Mijanul Haque - 1 year ago

Depends on which site you use. My Blogger always asks (when I edit my site) if I want to have advertisements on my blog. You get paid for that. Anyone can do it.

by Emma - 1 year ago

Take a visit to the "fiverr" website.

People there claim to be able to get loads of traffic, for only $5...

Never tried it, but for only a few bucks...

by Amarante - 1 year ago