Having the same blog on two different sites?

I just made a blog on Blogger.
Is it recommended (and legal) for me to keep that one up and put up the same one on Tumblr?

(don't ask why I thought It may be illegal, I'm new at this.... :P)

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Definitely not illegal...especially since you are the author of both.

And there WILL NOT be a duplicate content penalty. This is the most mis-understood thing in SEO.

The duplicate content penalty applies when you have duplicate content on THE SAME site. As in multiple pages that have content that is more or less the same. When you have different websites with the same content, the one that publishes the content first gets the rankings (in theory). However, it often happens that the site with the most authority will get ranked highest (even if it didn't post the content originally).

For example, if a blog post from your brand new blog gets picked up by Huffington Post, the Huffingtong Post article will outrank yours. Of course, that's not really a problem because they will give you credit for it and drive a ton of traffic to your blog :).

The real question you should be asking yourself is what is the benefit of posting to both platforms?

1 year ago

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It's not illegal but it duplicate online info hurts your online credibility not helps.

by A Hunch - 1 year ago

Its legal but from seo point of view, you can suffer duplicate content penalty from google.

by Prince11 - 1 year ago

It is not illegal.

Google and the other search engines have a policy of penalizing duplicate content when considering search engine rankings. This could mean that they penalize the copy website, or in some cases, both websites.

Because of these ranking penalties, there is little benefit to having duplicate blogs.


by Aaron - 1 year ago