I'm trying to pick a name for my online store?

I will be selling tutus and hair bows.
Here are a few names I have thought about. What do you think, and do you have any other ideas? Thanks!

CuteTus and Bows
Twirls N Bows
Twirls N Curls

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TuTu Cute
TuTu Couture
Girly-girl's Curls
TuTu Darling
Ribbons & Tulle
Tulle Girls (kinda sounds like School Girls)

Good luck!

by Keri Beri - 1 year ago

Y n0t use a name that is g0na be easy to be spelled and the first one..good luck

by DONALD - 1 year ago

If you want the most traffic, try Google ad words and and see which name gets the most searches, then you can get more business to your store.

by Francis - 1 year ago

SCAM...forget about this deal.

by Lexi - 1 year ago