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    I'm trying to pick a name for my online store?

    I will be selling tutus and hair bows. Here are a few names I have thought about. What do you think, and do you have any other ideas? Thanks! TwinkleTus CuteTus and Bows Twirls N Bows CutieBowTutu QTpaTutu Twirls N Curls
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    • Y n0t use a name that is g0na be easy to be spelled and remembered..like the first one..good luck

      by DONALD - 9 hours ago

    • TuTu Cute TuTu Couture Girly-Girls Girly-girl's Curls TuTu Darling Ribbons & Tulle Tulle Girls (kinda sounds like School Girls) Good luck!

      by Keri Beri - 9 hours ago

    • If you want the most traffic, try Google ad words and and see which name gets the most searches, then you can get more business to your store.

      by Francis - 9 hours ago

    • SCAM...forget about this deal.

      by Lexi - 9 hours ago

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