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    Why do people keep 'watching' my items on ebay but never buy them?

    With ebay, you can see how many people are 'watching' your item, that is how many people have bookmarked your advertisement so they can keep an eye on it. I always get 5 to 10 watchers after a few days of listing the item but no one ever actually buys the item! Why not?! Plus, I've listed the item very cheap. If I sell any less than that, it would be a huge loss for me. It's some computer hardware in case you're wondering.
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    either competitors trying to see how much they can get for the same item, or people hoping for even lower price relist, or people who waiting to see if a better deal pops up and just forgets to delete yours off their list
    a few seconds ago

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    • well... 10-12 visitors is not a great number which lead to purchase. But you have few options to increase the probability of that: 1. Reduce your price ( in this case, you said you can't..that's ok) 2. Try putting some pictures of your product, pictures help others to know that they're buying( helps you ALOT since you said your products are electronic hardwares) 3. Try to sell trendy things as well( things that are sold and bought a lot via ebay) and increase your seller rating, it helps others to rely on you as a seller and trust you. 4. give as much information about the state of the product and explain its condition. .... I can't think of anything more than these....

      by Maham - 6 hours ago

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