Help with ebay please!?

Okay so I was looking at a birthday present for my brother and I got an email from ebay saying I got a coupon. So I put the item in my cart to see how much the item would be with the coupon but now it's saying I won the auction and I have to pay up. I'm so confused
I just want to know why my account says i have to pay for something when i didn't proceed to check out. Just ignore the coupon part. But yes eBay does have coupons. I have used them before

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Alright Emmy, the stuff you said above doesn't make much sense to me either..since I, you nor anyone else can go back in time and see what exactly you did, it seems to me that you accidentally pressed a button or you set a bid. Just some advice, I love to save money and use coupons whenever I can, I get that, but I stay away from online coupons, usually like the guy above me said, they are scams. Just some friendly advice, and sorry about your unfortunate situation..not sure if this was much help, but I hope so. Good Luck!

1 year ago

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It's a scam. Ebay doesn't issue coupons.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago