What is the importance of .edu link in SEO?

I need to know the importance of .edu link for that many seo professionals do that.

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As we knows that edu-domains are often of schools and other educational instances, that are highly accredited compare than others and it is really trustworthy resources to get the quality backlinks. so it is still extremely important.

1 year ago

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I think it's good question and i want to share information with you that: .edu domains consider as a authority domain and authority domain are very valuable.

by Nelson - 1 year ago

It used to mean something though with Google's new Panda update it means little.


by Adam Blansett - 1 year ago

.EDU means "Top level domain for education"

by Samantha - 1 year ago

As much i am aware about this .edu stands for the educational domains.

by Mathew - 1 year ago