Is Etsy a good online shoping website?

I have been looking at belly button piercings on WANELO and I have found alot of cute ones i want but they are all from etsy. I have never used etsy, I have always used amazon so I just wanted some feed back from people who have used etsy and what yall think about it.

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Yes,yes,yes! I love Etsy! I personally buy other things of course but its still a good site, well basically I think you know but anyway theres lots of different people who sell the stuff on there not just like one shop its more like Ebay where people get to sell stuff (but not used, mostly homemade) so it really depends on whos selling you the stuff for like packaging and delivery but I think its a really cute site. I love buying phone cases & high waisted shorts from there! :) It has also been recommended by youtubers I watch.

1 year ago

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I know etsy has cute stuff but idk about how safe they are it probably depends on their methods of payment. If your worried about sanitation of the piercing I'd disinfect it before I use it just to be safe.

by Your helper - 1 year ago