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    What is the best way to market online?

    I need to advertise a new business. I just go the website finished but I don't know anything about SEO and minimal about online marketing. What should I focus on? It is best to try to drive traffic to my site and then won't that increase the page rank by the amount of traffic? I don't know it seems better to do it that way because not only do you know people are seeing your business but you get the site moved up in rank....am I right or no? First I was just going to pay someone to do the SEO and get in on 1st page google but then I got to thinking maybe it won't get much traffic as people have to search for those keywords. But then I started to think It might be better to advertise another way online and drive traffic to the site. I'm really in the dark here...any advice? For the online marketing has anyone used facebook ads? What is the best way to market a business online locally? Please don't tell me panda or other terms like that bc really I don't have a clue, it's like another language so tell me like your teaching someone who doesn't know anything. One more thing...I've been told it takes about 3 months to get 1st page ranking but it that right for a new site that has no rank? Is there anyway to see if whatever their doing is working because they want to be paid weekly and How do I know it's getting results? Thanks!
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    There are several steps to answering your question, as there are a lot of layers to a proper online lead generating campaign. 1 - First off, did you perform the keyword research first? Meaning, you raised the question as to whether or not SEO would bring in enough searches. Google allows you to research and identify just how many searches are being performed monthly for any keyword you wish to check the stats on. Here's what you do: Go to Google, then type out the following: Google Keyword Tool Click on the link Google kicks back in the #1 position. Next I want you to type the keywords you are considering ranking for into the box, and click the button to perform the search. Google will kick back the results, and tell you approximately how many times the keywords you typed into the Keyword Tool is searched for each month. Now you have real data to work with instead of speculation. So the question will be at that time: "Are there enough searches to justify an SEO campaign?" #2 - Before you begin spending money on traffic to your site, you need to make sure your site is properly structured to capture leads. Do you have a lead capture form setup? Are you giving your visitors a solid reason to want to give you their information? A million visitors a month are worthless if you're not taking some sort of action to move them forward in your sales funnel. #3 - Have you setup a Google+ page yet? Hyper local SEO and marketing can work beautifully for small business owners. It's free to setup an account, and it can drive plenty of traffic to your website if you play your cards right. #4 - FB Ads. Facebook ads and other forms of paid advertising online can work - But generally you first want to make sure you have a thorough understanding of your demographics, and have structured a landing page to boost conversions of that paid traffic. Don't rush into it. The best thing you can do right now is make sure you get a lead form setup on your site, and get your Google + page setup. Fine tune your conversions before you start throwing money at it. Best of luck to you in the mean-time.
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    • Hello, Here you can find a good resource that teaches how to make money online with internet marketing: http://www.goobypls.com/r/rd.asp?gid=548 I started using it with very good results. Regards

      by Gardie - 9 hours ago

    • That I understood. What ever you design make sure that you indicate your physical location through Google places. That built trust between you and your on line community and learn from below the advantages.

      by VIMAL - 9 hours ago

    • Internet marketing lessons will get you on the right track or do some internet expert help:)

      by Info. Guide - 9 hours ago

    • Hi, If your business is local service provider then, use of Google local listing URL's can help you without working hard from SEO point of view. Try to add greater number of people on social media sites which are living locally and interested in your business services and products. Facebook and Twitter are going great from SEO point of view.

      by Alexia - 9 hours ago

    • I would like to thanks a lot as you have share the things here. If I tell you in short about the best way to market online, everything in SEO. But it should be in a good and well organized manner. You may have a keyword research so that you may know your competitors. Mind your competitor’s techniques and SEO policy. Start from there. How many links and traffic you need to cross over them. The issue depends on your study on website analysis tool for seo you are using. A good SEO tools may help you to fix valuable meta tags, keyword and competition. You have mentioned Facebook add, here is the question of keywords. If you select the good keyword you will get high traffic. Yes, Google re-fix the page rank at every three months. But your site is not sure to reach Google search page 1. It depend how much SEO you have done. So you need to have a good website analysis seo tools to fix the goal. I have experienced some SEO analysis tools and mentioned one of them you may test.

      by Nasimanto - 9 hours ago

    • Learn about basics of SEO on Planetadvert http://www.planetadvert.com/post/visitor-story-details/What-is-SEO--Search-Engine-Optimization---2114/

      by Smith - 9 hours ago

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