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    I just made a blog. Is it any good?

    My blog "Live Life to the Fullest" is a place that I share some of my favorite quotes, recipes, health tips, fashion, and more. I have no idea if anyone has seen it yet, i hope you will go take a look and give me some feedback. If you enjoy it please tell others and share the link with anyone and everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing your comments, thank you so much! Link: http://livelifetothefullest1131.blogspot.com/
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    Its interesting and Great for a first effort. Just a few mistakes and words missing for example " And, in order to get all the benefits (missing words here) egg yolks provide, " "of the" missing ! It is only small but as it is almost the first thing you read it makes it look just a little amateurish. Sorry this is meant to be constructive. Good luck.
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    • It's not bad. All I would do is add some kind of tagline/title that explains exactly what you said in your question - that it's a place where you share your quotes, recipes, etc. To get more followers, follow other blogs and reblog from them.

      by Pearls Before Swine - 10 hours ago

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