website to get free stuff/samples without surveys in the mail?

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Here are a few free sample sites that I have visited & what type of offers I found.
ScamFreeSamples - lists several free samples without surveys. Many of the free samples do arrive by mail while others are in store only. This site lists printable coupons & other special deals on-line, giveaways, contests & sweepstakes too. - lists a mixture of free stuff without surveys, with surveys, in the mail and not. While sifting through their listing I have found some very fine free samples as well as other offers I wouldn't have tried.
SampleADay - lists a mixture of free samples with and without surveys and other requirements and a lot of the samples arrive in the mail.
Several years ago we asked ourselves a similar question as yours. We asked "Where can we find completely free samples, no surveys and nothing to buy?" We came up short. So we decided to make our own:
Sampleloft - is a user friendly listing of completely free samples, without surveys & nothing to buy. This is the only type that we list. There are times that we list free samples that are in the form of a printable coupon that visitors can bring to the store but this is far and few and in between. Some of the free samples listed may ask 3 or 4 questions but I don't classify that as a survey. Questions like: "What type of shampoo do you currently use?" Multiple answers. Even this is rare.
We also decided to create a free sample site review & rate it web site.
FreeBeeBuzz - Currently we write our visitor experience review, provide a link for fellow free samplers to visit the site reviewed & then rate it. Visitors can meet even more free sample sites here and perhaps find a favorite. We even list our own free sample web site there because we want real ratings from real visitors.
Free sampling can be frustrating but it can be fun & thrifty too! I hope this helps. Happy Sampling!


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If you have a smart phone the easiest place I know is
all you have to do is download apps wait for the points to be added and then you can delete the app. Easy and fast to get points which turns into money.

by Remington Wanless - 4 months ago