EBay question any ideas?

I made a purchase a month ago on eBay, it says when I track the package that my item is in my city. Then beside that it says insufficient address. What does that mean and what can I do to get my item, also I did double check my pay pal and all of my information is correct including address... Thanks guys!

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That means there was an error on the address. Since you are sure the paypal address on file is correct, I would message the seller to see if they wrote the address wrong on the package.
The package will be sent back to the seller in this case and the seller has to ship it to you again. You may want to check if the post office has it, but most likely, it is already going back to the sender.

1 year ago

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bring your id to the local post office and tell them whats going on.

by Cody Trahan - 1 year ago