how to check a websites daily traffic/ visitors?

I am about to buy a Domain name from someone who claims that the domain receives over 500 visitors a day, from exact searches. I am very skeptical and want to check it out before I buy, but does anyone know a Free way I can check the website's stats and see the amount of traffic it receives?
I have tried Alexa Rankings, and can see that it is ranked and is listed very low on google, but it also says that there is not enough data to judge the amount of traffic it receives?
So is there another free website/ software that I can check out?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Brian,

Google offers a free keyword tool that will tell you how many exact searches for a keyword term are performed on Google. This will give you an indication of the number of searches anyway. Realistically you are not going to get 100% of the visitors to your website though.

Enter your search term or domain name in the top box and then in the left column make sure only the exact box is checked.



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Ohh god, I think you will be scam.

First of all you should ask for the Google analytics data. he should provide that information.
Ask him/her to give you the keywords that the site is ranking for, whit those keyword you can do a quick search on Google to verify it.

Check if the content of the site is original you can use copyscape to check that.

Well there is to many thing to consider, those where some of them.

Best of luck

by Marina - 1 year ago

Hi Brian,
Google offers a free keyword tool that you will check or show a graph of visitors from last 30 days or check daily Visitors or live visitors also.

But an new way to check a friend website daily or monthly website traffic are This is show all about your friend website.


by Edu - 4 months ago

Please check website domain traffic from

Also check its alexa rank at

Alexa rank should be lower for good websites.


by Logistic - 2 months ago