Can I put a link to my webstore on Craigslist without getting kicked off?

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It will draw flags. And Craigslist is for local, cash, face-to-face transactions.

You may post something for sale, By Dealer, and at the end include a link to your webstore if there's a logical reason to do so. For example, if you had additional images, or additional information, or you were selling multiple colors of something, you can mention that in the ad and direct them to those items on the webstore. Advertising the webstore itself? No, no posting an ad just to be a signpost to your website. And you need to be prepared to deal cash, local, and face-to-face. You try and offer paypal or shipping, expect to be flagged right off the site. You sell locally and people come to pick up what you sell? That's fine.

1 year ago