Do you have to use the Avon Online Store?

I'm considering starting to sell Avon and I read on another question that you have to pay $15 a month for the online store. I'm not really interested in using the online store, but I didn't know if you had the option to not use it at all. Thanks for any help!

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No you do not have to pay $15 a month any more that stopped over a year ago. There is no monthly fee to have an active website. My husband and I actually have a team of over 300 reps and a considerable number of our reps only use the online store so that is an option for those who'd just like to sell online BUT if you don't think you'd be using it or will be doesn't really matter because whether it is used or not it is still available to you as an option for your Avon customers.

Hope that helps and if you happen to have any further questions feel free to email me through the email listed on my profile or if you are ready to get started with Avon that info is also listed on my profile


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