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    Paypal and ebay problen?

    I sold an item but was not able to give tracking but I got proof that it was sent by the buyer sending me a message saying it came in good condition and he left me good feedback as well but my money is on hold now in paypal.. .I emailed them saying I got proof it was sent by the buyer and all paypal said was that to give a trackung information? What shud I do and I sold the item at march 9 if that matters
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    I have the same issues. When I mail items, just be USPS and I don't have a tracking number, I always have to wait for weeks until I can get the money. I did email them once after I got confirmation from the buyer and I got feedback, and they said that they couldn't do anything and I would have to wait till the funds became available.
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    • Forward the buyer email with the transaction number you received from Ebay and Paypal to Paypal. They are asking for confirmation, you should have it in your email. As for tracking information - at this point all you have to confirm it is the email the buyer sent you.

      by G N A - 20 hours ago

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