How do I get started on ebay and what will it cost me?

I'm going off to college this fall and have ALOT of junk just sitting around. Especially clothes. Alot of people has told me to sell them on Ebay, but even after reading through the tutorials and getting started guides, I'm still confused! Basically I just want to know HOW to get started and how much money I need to do so.

I know I have to set up a paypal account as well. Does this cost anything? Can I do it without a credit card?

If you have any other suggestions on how I can sell all my junk (besides a yard/garage sale) or make extra money for college, feel free to add that too! Thanks!

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It is simple. Go to E bay, fill out form. You will need either your SS number or tax number to complete the form. Go to Pay Pay. Fill out information. You will need only your bank information. For immediate activation of your account, you can give them your online bank codes to verify your account or you will have to wait a few days for E bay to deposit a few cents into your account and you verify the amount.
You can also add your debit card or credit card on file as other options.
Last you link the accounts in E bay to your Paypal account.
It is free to sign up for both accounts. We can talk about this all night. My best advice is to simply get started by signing up right now and then start listing to learn the ropes. Focus on the strategies and tactics of selling on E bay only after you successfully sign up and list something. Good luck!

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