how many backlinks from each site is good in ideal seo?

how many backlinks from each site is good ? is there any statement on this issue from google?

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Google has never, and will never make any type of statement on this. As far as Google is concerned, any type of link building is bad. All links to any site should be natural, meaning that other people should build them to your site, over time, if they find that they like your site.

As far as the how many question, I personally try to get as many unique IP's from my backlinks as possible. Meaning, 1 backlink from IP address:, and a backlink from a different IP and so on. I don't think Google puts as much weight on ranking when it comes to multiple links from the same exact IP address. So, if I were you, I would concentrate on getting links from different places.


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no SE will answer that, but they do talk about quality and relevance of the back links as well as follow / no follow , different anchor texts incl just the URL and click here

Goog of course says one thing and does another, they use to say forum links are bad and won't be counted but josh bachynski just posted a video showing that forum links work

so the question is --do you believe what goog says or what goog does?

by J - 1 year ago