Is this considered false advertising?

I just revived my Local newspaper and in it there was two vouchers from a local car dealership listing their sale they have going. I was probably only meant to get one chopper but by luck i got two. At the bottom left there Is a scratch off thing like on a scratch of lottery ticket and nest to it it says Match the numbers 8,13,65,68,92. And win. Well I scratched both off and they both have the same number. The voucher says prizes are from $100.00 cash to a 2013 dodge charger. I went to the dealership and revived no prize or anything. Is this false advertising and if so can they be sued for this.

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Unfortunately, no. I'm sure you'll find that the wording is phrased in such a way that it never actually says that the prizes are tied to the number on the ad. I agree that it's underhanded and a bit of a scam, but it's common enough that they know how to do it without technically breaking the law.

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It's misleading advertising. The small print tells you the odds of winning are not good. You can sue but you cannot win.

by Hugo90 - 1 year ago

No not false advertising they are under no obligation as you didn't spend any money

by C - 1 year ago