How can I get companies to advertise on my website and what ads go with a Guesthouse website?

I have a Guesthouse and just recently put up a complete website, how can I get people to advertise for pay and what kind of advertisements are inter related with it to ensure maximum clicks? Plus how can I get my website to show on the first Google search page?

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Barbara the first thing you need to do is optimise your site and index it in google. Go to seomoz site and learn SEO from there. Your site will come in first page with respect to a keyword. First draw in vistors atleast 2000 visitors perday then list your site in buysellads

1 year ago

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SEO is imp. Some things go well with guest house- nutrition, transport, wi-fi services, 15 day mobile plans etc.

by 'coz you live only twice - 1 year ago