Will I get in trouble for fake Craigslist ad?

My friend posted my name and number on Craigslist and said I had a free Xbox I instantly was getting hundreds of calls. Him and I were joking and told a guy to meet us somewhere and he did, but we didn't have a Xbox to give him. He was upset, he drove a long way to get it we apologized. Can I get In any trouble at all?

1 year ago - 3 answers

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No but you & your friend are d*ckheads.

1 year ago

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You are both childish and immature. I would have been steamed also, considering the wasted time and expense.

by Richard Anderson - 1 year ago

You can only get into trouble with your parents for this prank. I suggest you delete the listing and don't arrange to meet with anyone else. Maybe text that guy and say you already gave it to someone else and need to cancel the meeting and apologize.

by Educated - 1 year ago