Paypal craigslist important question please help?

if someone wires me money through pay pal before i send an item from craigslist can i feel safe help please fast

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Not really.

If you are selling something on Craigslist, most of the responses will be from scammers who will send you a fake PayPal email telling you the money is pending until you ship the item. PayPal doesn't ever do this and, as the email is fake, there is no money.

Remember this:

1) With Craigslist, only deal locally and in cash.
2) Any offers to buy something site unseen are from scammers.
3) Any offers to pay more than you are asking are from scammers.
4) Any requests to ship the item overseas are from scammers. The scammers often claim to be in the US (even your city) but will ask you to ship the item to their brother/sister/parent/friend in West Africa. In reality, the scammer is in West Africa and you are just shipping it to him.

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As long as it is not in a foreign country where scams are perpetrated, and they can create a fake Paypal site, it is ok. Check your Paypal page and make sure transaction is complete and the money is credited before you ship item. Remember Craigslist is not connected to Ebay but anyone can use Paypal.

by Flower - 1 year ago

on craigslist its best to stick to in person transactions. if you do decide to take a wire id wait a few days before shipping sometimes after you ship paypal will tell you the transaction has been flagged as fraud either someone used soemone elses credit card or hijacked someones account password. id have them send you cashiers check or money order and wait for it to clear before shipping

by Social - 1 year ago