My adsense earnings are so low - Any good adsense alternative?

My adsense earnings are so low
Adsense mostly pay like $ 0.05 - 0.10 per click
and check out this:
impressions: 61,708 Clicks: 58 earn: $3.31


i tried some other sites:

yllix- annoying

clicksor - SCAMM and very annoying

Infolinks very very low Revenue

chitica - EPIC WIN 40 000 imp. - 8clicks $0.10 LOL

bidvertiser - Scam
AdBrite - Scam

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That is what clicks are worth.
What did you expect for doing nothing?

1 year ago

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In addition to Adsense, consider affiliate programs. Also, if you have content on different topics it might boost your earnings as the cost per click might be higher. Furthermore, consider optimizing the placements of your ads.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

by nimbus communicates - 1 year ago

adsense cpc are based on keywords used at the page. If you want to increase your earnings you should get into market with high cpc. (High paying keywords)

There is no alternative of adsense in best of my knowledge. Many are out there but you will get very less amount as compared to adsense.

by sohnamukhda - 1 year ago

I'm earning with my website using just few methods...banners, popups and popunders, interstitial adv and so on. I wrote a post on the same website explaining the methods I use to make money, also showing payment proof and other details. Just give a look if you want,
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by Shana - 1 week ago